[New publication] Target, Volume 29, Issue 3, 2017

Target: 29:3. DOI: 10.1075/target.29.3

Table of Contents

Consolidating the professional identity of translators: The role of citizenship behaviors
Taeyoung Yoo and Cheol Ja Jeong
361 – 387
A corpus-based study of semantic differences in translation: The case of inchoativity in Dutch
Lore Vandevoorde, Els Lefever, Koen Plevoets and Gert De Sutter
388 – 415
How metaphors are rendered in subtitles
Jan Pedersen
416 – 439
What kind of literature is a literary translation?
Douglas Robinson
440 – 463
Bilingual formal meeting as a context of translatoriality
Merja Koskela, Kaisa Koskinen and Nina Pilke
464 – 485
Book reviews
Review of Hill (2013) Lin Shu, Inc.: Translation and the Making of Modern Chinese Culture
Reviewed by Duoxiu Qian
486 – 490
Review of Apter (2013) Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatability
Reviewed by Jonathan Evans
491 – 495
Review of D’hulst (2014) Essais d’histoire de la traduction. Avatars de Janus
Reviewed by Gillian Lane-Mercier
496 – 502
Review of Chesterman (2016) Memes of Translation: The Spread of Ideas in Translation Theory
Reviewed by Susana Valdez
503 – 507
Review of Baker (2016) Translating Dissent. Voices from and with the Egyptian Revolution
Reviewed by Michaela Wolf