[New publication] Board Member of the Jiao Tong Baker Centre, Prof. Kaisa Kioskinen’ Publication in the New Issue of Trans-kom, Band 10, No. 2, 2017

Link to the special issue “Translation in Language Revitalisation’ (in English/German), edited by Gastredakteure Leena Kolehmainen, Päivi Kuusi und Helka Riionheimo: http://trans-kom.eu/

Kuusi, Päivi & Leena Kolehmainen & Helka Riionheimo. Introduction: Multiple Roles of Translation in the Context of Minority Languages and Revitalisation.

Iso-Ahola, Riikka. Literary Translators as Revitalisers of an Endangered Language.

Koskinen, Kaisa  & Päivi Kuusi. Translator Training for Language Activists. Agency and Empowerment of Minority Language Translators.

Lantto, Hanna & Leena Kolehmainen. Basque-Spanish Bilinguals and Reported Speech. Translation and Code-switching in the Basque Context of Language Revitalisation.

Themen, Andere, Alireza Akbari & Winibert Segers. Diverse Personality Traits and Translation Quality. Preselected Items Evaluation and NEO Five-Factor Inventory.