[New Publication] Babel: 63(3)


Babel: Volume 63, Issue No. 3, 2017

A macroscopic perspective on translation of knowledge in China
Strategies for translating racist discourse about African-Americans into Slovenian
Approach to the translation of sound in comic books
Translation procedures
La parole poétique de Jean de Breyne dans la traduction croate
The ecosystem of translator workstation
Dubbing versus subtitling yet again?
FIT position paper on internships
  • pp.: 444–446 (3)
Document de position de la FIT sur les stages
  • pp.: 447–449 (3)
Michael Carl, Srinivas Bangalore, Moritz Schaeffer (eds). New Directions in Empirical Translation Process Research: Exploring the CRITT TPR-DB
Peter Llewellyn-Jones and Robert G. Lee Redefining the role of the community interpreter: The concept of role space
  • Author: Juan Hu
  • pp.: 457–461 (5)