Lenguas 2017 – Mexico City

Lenguas 2017 

September 28-30

Mark your calendars! InterpretAmerica is excited to announce a new collaborative interpreting event with the Italia Morayta Foundation to bring interpreting-focused programming and continuing education workshops to Mexico. Just as in the U.S., the interpreting profession in Mexico is also growing, evolving and adapting to an ever-changing market.

You have a date in September 2017 in Mexico City with Spanish-speaking colleagues from north and south of the border and from around the world! Read on to learn more about this great initiative.

Lenguas 2017 is an international forum created to bring together interpreters and translators under one roof to discuss best practices, learn about current market conditions and receive practical training.

The Forum will take place September 28 to September 30, 2017, in Mexico City. The working languages of the conference will be Spanish and English.The Italia Morayta Foundation has invited IntepretAmerica to collaborate on the design for the program. Together, both organizations created the plenary sessions and invited the professional associations, academic institutions and individual speakers to submit proposals for the workshop sessions.

Lenguas 2017 is an international forum for interpreters and translators that aims to bring professionals in these two fields together under one roof to discuss best practices, learn about the situation of the market today, and receive practical training.

The venue for the conference is the incomparable San Ildelfonso College


Thursday, September 28, 2017, will be dedicated to plenary sessions. Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th will offer practical workshops, professional development and continuing education sessions. The program will include social and cultural activities to offer participants opportunities for entertainment, networking and exchange.  

The Lenguas 2017 Forum will be the venue for presenting the first-ever Italia Morayta Award in four different categories:

  • Italia Morayta Award for Conference Interpreters
  • Italia Morayta Award for Translators
  • Italia Morayta Award for Community Interpreters
  • Italia Morayta Prize for Best Research Project

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