[new publication] The Journal of Specialised Translation Issue 28 (July 2017)


Table of Contents: Issue 28 – July 2017


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P 1
Isabelle Robert interviews Iris Schrijver on the impact of writing on translation performance
Matilde Nisbeth Brøgger interviews Karen Korning Zethsen on the translation profession in Denmark today
Miguel A. Jiménez-Crespo
Combining corpus and experimental studies: insights into the reception of translated medical texts
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PP 2-22

Sharon O’Brien and Patrick Cadwell
Translation facilitates comprehension of health-related crisis information: Kenya as an example
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PP 23-51
Elpida Loupaki
Multilinguisme, multiculturalisme et pratique traduisante au sein de l’Union Européenne    
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PP 52-68
Jamal Mohamed Giaber
Translating the suffix -ism in linguistics terminology from English into Arabic 
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PP 69-102
Jennifer Lertola and Cristina Mariotti
Reverse dubbing and subtitling: Raising pragmatic awareness in Italian ESL learners
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PP 103-121
Alejandro Bolaños García
Reception and effects of fansubs on EFL education for Translation and Interpreting students: an empirical approach
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PP 122-164
Dingkun Wang
Fansubbing in China, with particular reference to the fansubbing group YYeTs
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PP 165-188
Nadja Weisshaupt
The challenge of dubbing bird names: shifts of meaning and strategies used in the German version of The Big Year
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PP 189-209
Jan Pedersen
The FAR model: assessing quality in interlingual subtitling
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PP 210-229
Tatjana R. Felberg and Anne Birgitta Nilsen
Exploring semiotic sesources in sight translation
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PP 230-249
Lluís Baixauli Olm
Ethics codes as tools for social change in public service interpreting: Symbolic, social and cultural dimensions
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PP 250-272
Leticia Santamaria Ciordia
A conceptual and contemporary approach to the evolution of impartiality in community interpreting
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PP 273-292
Isabelle S. Robert, Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Jim J.J. Ureel and Aline Remael
Conceptualising translation revision competence: A pilot study on the ‘tools and research’ subcompetence
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PP 293-316
Ben Screen
Machine translation and Welsh: Analysing  free statistical machine translation for the professional translation of an under-researched language pair
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PP 317-344
Elisa Alonso and Lucas Nunes Vieira
The Translator’s Amanuensis 2020
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PP 345-361
Vilelmini Sosoni
Casting some light on experts’ experience with translation crowdsourcing
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PP 362-384
Pablo Romero-Fresco (ed.) 
The Reception of Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Europe (2015).
Reviewed by Hayley Dawson [HTML] [PDF]
PP 385-386
Fryer, Louise
An Introduction to Audio Description. A Practical Guide (2016)
Reviewed by Anna Jankowska [HTML] [PDF]
PP 387-388
María del Carmen Balbuena Torezano and Ángeles Garzía Calderón (eds) 
Aspects of Specialised Translation – Translation, Text and Interferences 3 (2016)
Reviewed by Karl Gerhard Hempel [HTML] [PDF]
PP 389-391
Jorge Díaz-Cintas and Josélia Neves (eds)  
Audiovisual Translation: taking stock (2015)
Reviewed by Alejandro Bolaños García [HTML] [PDF]
PP 392-394
Cynthia B. Roy and Jemina Napier (eds)
The Sign Language Interpreting Studies Reader (2015)
Reviewed by George Major [HTML] [PDF]
PP 395-397
Noa Talaván,  José Javier Ávila-Cabrera and Tomás Costal (eds)
Traducción y Accesibilidad Audiovisual (2016)
Reviewed by Pilar Gonzalez-Vera [HTML] [PDF]
PP 398-399
Salinas, María José Varela and Meyer, Bernd (eds) 
Translating and interpreting healthcare discourses.
Traducir e interpretar en el ámbito sanitario (2015)
Reviewed by Vicent Montalt [HTML] [PDF]
PP 400-401
Carl, Michael, Bangalore, Srinivas and Schaeffer, Moritz (eds)
New directions in empirical translation process research: Exploring the CRITT TPR-DB (2016)
Reviewed by Carlos S. C. Teixeira in English [HTML] [PDF] and Portuguese [HTML] [PDF]
PP 402-407