[CFP] Languages, Linguistics and Technology: New trends in language teaching, interpreting and translation

TechLING is an international conference devoted to the application of technology to language teaching, translation and interpreting. We are looking for contributions that present novel technology-based approaches, both academic and non academic, to the study, use and commercialization of language-related solutions/applications.

Proposals are expected to report on results achieved through the combination of linguistic approaches and technology, involving one, two or all of the major areas of the conference.

The main focus is on new trends and innovative approaches in language teaching, interpreting and translation:

  • Language teaching and technology: language acquisition and learning, language disorders, digital educational resources, multimodality, mobile learning, distance education, languages for specific purposes, flipped classroom, MOOCs, digital game-based language learning, computer-assisted language therapy and rehabilitation;
  • Interpreting and technology: remote interpreting, telephone interpreting, video-based interpreting, webcast interpreting, computer-assisted interpreting and interpreter training, corpus-based interpreting studies and training, speech technologies, respeaking;
  • Translation and technology: revision, post-editing, terminology, lexicography, compilation/annotation of translational corpora, query systems, data sharing, text statistics, localization (software, websites, videogames), data mining, semantic web.

Please note that the lists of subtopics under each main topic are intended as guidelines for submission, and hence are by no means exhaustive.

Abstracts must be limited to 300 words and should have 5 keywords. The official languages of the conference will be English, Italian and Portuguese, therefore kindly send your abstracts in one of these three languages.

Abstracts should be sent to the following address: techling@dipintra.it


Organizing committee

  • Michela Bertozzi (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Adriano Ferraresi (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Anabela Ferreira (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Mariachiara Russo (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Amalia Amato (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)


Scientific Committee

  • Mariachiara Russo (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Sílvia Araújo (University of Minho)
  • Silvia Bernardini (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus
  • Ana Correia (University of Minho)
  • Adriano Ferraresi (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Anabela Ferreira (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Ana Frankenberg-Garcia (University of Surrey)
  • Rafael Lozano Miralles (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Marcello Soffritti (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Raffaella Tonin (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Serena Zuccheri (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)



  • Tiziana Calà (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)
  • Giulia Falcini (University of Bologna, Forlì Campus)


Invited Speakers

To be confirmed