[New publication] New Voices in Translation Studies 16 (2017)

Edited by

David Charlston, Rebecca Johnson, Gloria Lee, Ruth Abou Rached, M. Zain Sulaiman, Kelly Pasmatzi


Book Reviews Editor: Gloria Lee

Abstracts Editors: Rebecca Johnson, Ruth Abou Rached


Editors’ Introduction

M. Zain Sulaiman

[Editorial]                                                                                                                       i-iii


How should Huineng Speak? Text Complexity in Translations of the Platform Sutra

Hailing Yu

Macquarie University, AUSTRALIA

[Abstract][Article]                                                                                        1 – 22

How Paratexts Influence the Reader’s Experience of English Translations of La Fontaine’s Fables

Anne Neveu

Kent State University, USA

[Abstract][Article]                                                                                        23 – 54

A Closer Look into the Life of Ordinary Translators through Unordinary Sources: The Use of Obituaries as a Microhistory Tool to Study Translators and Translation in Ohio

Hannelore Gomez

Kent State University, USA

[Abstract][Article]                                                                                        55 – 83



Reviewer: Ruth Abou Rached

Title reviewed:

Remapping Habitus in Translation Studies, edited by Gisella M. Vorderobermeier (2014)

[Book Review]                                                                                                                 84 – 89


Reviewer: David Charlston

Title reviewed:

Bourdieu in Translation Studies: The Socio-cultural Dynamics of Shakespeare Translation in Egypt, by Sameh Hanna (2016)

[Book Review]                                                                                                                 90 – 96



Collaborative Translation in Online Communities of Practice: An Ethnographic Study of Yeeyan

Chuan Yu

Hong Kong Baptist University, HONG KONG


The Clash of Articulations: Aesthetic Shock, Multivalent Narratives and Islam in the Post-9/11

Rebecca Johnson

University of Manchester, UK


A Literary Translation in the Making: An In-depth Investigation into the Process of a Literary Translation from French into Maltese

Claudine Borg

University of Malta, MALTA