[CFP] Third International Conference on Interpreting Quality

ICIQ3, the Third International Conference on Interpreting Quality, will be held in Granada, Spain, 5-7 October 2017.

The submission deadline is Sunday, April 30th 2017.

Goals and Themes

This conference is intended as a platform for fruitful dialogue on interpreting quality. It will bring together a variety of perspectives and promote exchange at different levels:

  • At the Academia/Profession interface: between professionals, trainers and researchers.
  • Intradisciplinary: between standard interpreting settings (conferences, media and public services) as well as their variants (e.g. diplomacy, courts, conflicts and education), addressing both spoken and signed languages.
  • Interdisciplinary: between interpreting researchers and scholars from other sciences (e.g. translation, linguistics, lexicography, musicology, psychology, sociology, library science and statistics, among others).

The conference will address a number of topics, including, but not limited to the following: quality criteria in different interpreting settings, user expectations and needs, quality perception and quality measurement, quality assurance in the interpreting process, nonprofessional interpreting, method transfer across disciplines.