[Publication] Journal of Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science, special issue on Mixed Methods, 3.1, 2016.

VOL 3, NO 1 (2016)

Mixed Methods

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Table of Contents


Preliminaries PDF
Anna Kuznik , Joan Miquel Verd 1-4


Principal Components and clustering on lexical distances from standard Basque to local varieties PDF
Gotzon Aurrekoetxea , Karmele Fernandez-Aguirre , Juan Ignacio Modroño , Jesus Rubio 5-22
A methodology for longitudinal research on EFL written production: Capturing writing multidimensionality by combining qualitative and quantitative procedures PDF
Maria Gené-Gil , Maria Juan-Garau , Joana Salazar-Noguera 23-48
Reporting practices of rater reliability in interpreting research: A mixed-methods review of 14 journals (2004–2014) PDF
Chao Han 49-75
Mixed methods, mixed tools. The use of computer software for integrated qualitative and quantitative analysis PDF
Anna Kuznik , Joan Miquel Verd , Christian Olalla-Soler 76-109
Selection and validation of a measurement instrument for readability calculations in patient information leaflets for oncological patients in Spain PDF
José Luis Martí Ferriol 110-125
Machine translation implementation among language service providers in Spain: A mixed methods study PDF
Marisa Presas , Pilar Cid-Leal , Olga Torres-Hostench 126-144

Book Reviews

Research Methodologies in Translation Studies, Gabriela Saldanha and Sharon O’Brien (2014) PDF
Chao Han , Rongbo Fu 145-151
The Reflexive Translator. Strategies and Affects of Self-directed Professionals, Joanna Albin (2014) PDF
Marcin Walczyński 152-157