[CFP] Translation, Interpreting and Social Justice in a Globalised World

Translation, Interpreting and Social Justice in a Globalised World

Series Editors
Philipp Angermeyer (York University, Canada)
Katrijn Maryns (Universiteit Gent, Belgium)

Translation, Interpreting and Social Justice in a Globalised World is an international series that welcomes authored monographs and edited collections that address translation and interpreting in settings of diversity, globalisation, migration and asylum. Books in the series will discuss how translation and interpreting practices (or their absence) may advance or hinder social justice. A key aim of the series is to encourage dialogue between scholars and professionals working in translation and interpreting studies and those working in other linguistic disciplines, such as sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology. Books in the series will cover both translation and interpreting services provided by state and corporate entities, as well as informal, community-based translation and interpreting. We welcome proposals covering any combinations of languages (including Sign languages) and from a wide variety of geographical contexts. A guiding aim of the series is to empower those who may be disadvantaged by their lack of access to majority or official languages, and as such proposals which bridge the gap between theoretical and practical domains are particularly encouraged.

Topics which may be addressed by books in the series include (but are not limited to):
• Medical settings (including care settings and provision of public health information)
• Legal settings (law enforcement, court, prison, counselling)
• Educational settings (including community-based education)
• Asylum and migration procedures
• Access to democracy and citizenship
• Interactions with business and private-sector institutions
• The media and minority-language broadcasting and publishing
• Ethical and political considerations in translation
• Cultural translation
• Translation and language rights
• Translation and intercultural relations and conflict

Proposals should be submitted to Laura Longworth. Please read our notes about how to submit a book proposal.