The BP17 Translation Conference

The BP17 Translation Conference is coming soon

March 26, 2017 12:37 pm

The BP17 Translation Conference will be held in Budapest in May and will present a new TED-talk format with speakers from 4 continents of the world.

BP17 Translation Conference

The world of professional conferences continues evolving and adapting to new forms of communication and networking environments. It is in this context that the BP17 Translation Conference has decided to adopt a new format that is described by the organisers as “a TED for translators”. Attendees will be invited to sit in one of the most beautiful cinemas in Europe in order to listen to a series of short talks that will cover various topics of interest for professional translators and other language professionals. This new conference format will also count with four masterclasses delivered by Judy Jenner (Las Vegas), Miklós Urban (Budapest), Paula Arturo (Buenos Aires) and Sameh Rabag (Cairo).

The event, that will run from 4th-6th of May, 2017, will also count with the contribution of a long list of speakers that will provide useful information, among other topics, on the translation bussiness, on marketing options, on how to increase efficiency and on ethics in translation, as well as on issues such as localisation, legal translation or CAT tools.

This year the BP17 Conference has also supported gender equality in this new edition by counting with an equal number of female and male speakers, as well as by offering a special 8% discount on registration during the 8th of March as a celebration of International Women’s Day. The full list of speakers together with other practical information can be found in the conference website.

Post prepared by Doris Fernandes del Pozo – Journalist, Translator-Interpreter and Communication Trainee at the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament. She is pursuing a PhD as part of the Communication and Contemporary Information Programme of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).


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