[CFP] Collaborative Translation

Collaborative Translation
Call for papers 

Symposium and workshop at Monash University, Prato (Italy), 3–4 July 2017.

The Monash-Warwick Collaborative Translation Project investigates the practical and social impact of collaborative translation practices, recognising their potential for fostering inclusivity and bridging cultural, linguistic and disciplinary divides. This is our first major event.

Symposium (3 July)
We are holding an interdisciplinary symposium that addresses collaborative translation in the contexts of translation, literature, linguistics, language learning, mobility and diaspora studies. We welcome Dr David Gramling (University of Arizona) as our keynote speaker.

We invite paper proposals that address collaborative translation activities or methods that are aligned with the aims of our project. As a guide to submissions, we would ask that you consider the following questions:
● Can the practice of translation be understood as a force for social change?
● How do innovative methods challenge and extend our thinking on the purpose of translation?
● In what ways do we consider our access to language as a form of power, and how can collaboration challenge this perception?
● Does collaborative translation enable us to rethink our relationship to our primary and secondary languages?
● Can collaborative translation challenge “monolingual” assumptions of the modern world, resulting in a more fluid understanding of what is meant by “language”?

Submissions should consist of an abstract (up to 250 words) and a short bio. They are to be sent to transcollaborate@gmail.com by March 31, 2017.

Workshop and Roundtable (4 July)
We offer a half-day workshop to explore how collaborative techniques may be enacted in practice. A final roundtable will conclude the event. No prior translation experience necessary.

The two-day event is free for all symposium speakers and participants. Catering will be provided.

To register your interest in participating, please contact us at transcollaborate@gmail.com by May 31, 2017 (spaces are limited, so please register early to secure your place)

For updates, please see the Prato Centre webpage: http://monash.it/news-and-events/event/show/transcollaborate-exploring-practice-collaborative-translation-inclusivity

and follow us on Twitter: @TransCollabProject


Collaborative Translation – Call for papers and Call for participants