[New publication] ITI’s first e-book on trends in translation and interpreting

The Institute of Translation & Interpreting has published its first e-book on trends in translation and interpreting.


It brings together a cross-section of experts offering their thoughts on important trends in the sector and suggesting strategies practitioners and LSPs need to employ to help them deal with today’s challenges.

The publication provides perspectives from academia, freelance translators and interpreters across a range of languages and specialisations, technology thought leaders and the LSP sector.


The e-book contributors are:

Dr Jo Drugan:  senior lecturer in Applied Translation Studies at the University of East Anglia

Dr Maeve Olohan: senior lecturer and co-director at the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, University of Manchester

Gert van Assche: owner of Datamundi, a company helping LSPs and large technology companies to innovate, and Symbyonics, a company helping translators to cope with MT

Gillian Hargreaves: ITI Fellow, Board member and chair of the Fellowship Committee

Dr Yves Le Juen: conference interpreter, university teacher and long-standing member of the ITI Admissions Committee

Anne de Freyman: ITI vice-chair and Board member, with a special interest in events and social media

Jakub Sacharczuk: ITI Board member, whose business, Translation Ofis, was set up as a linguistic and cultural bridge between service providers and the Polish community.

Karen McMillan Tkaczyk: ITI Fellow and French into English translator, specialising in chemistry and its industrial applications

Anu Carnegie-Brown: MD of Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd

Alex Gansmeier: conference interpreter who describes himself as ‘a true geek at heart’ specialising in medicine, automotive technology, as well as software and IT.


ITI members can download the e-book via the attachment below (you need to be logged in to see and access this).

The e-book is also available to non-members who can download it here.