[New publication] Marais, Kobus and Ilse Feinauer (eds). 2017. Translation Studies beyond the Postcolony. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Translation Studies beyond the Postcolony


Editor(s):Kobus Marais, Ilse Feinauer

Book Description

This edited volume explores the role of (postcolonial) translation studies in addressing issues of the postcolony. It investigates the retention of the notion of postcolonial translation studies and whether one could reconsider or adapt the assumptions and methodologies of postcolonial translation studies to a new understanding of the postcolony to question the impact of postcolonial translation studies in Africa to address pertinent issues. The book also places the postcolony in historical perspective, and takes a critical look at the failures of postcolonial approaches to translation studies.

The book brings together 12 chapters, which are divided into three sections: namely, Africa, the Global South, and the Global North. As such, the volume is able to consider the postcolony (and even conceptualisations beyond the postcolony) in a variety of settings worldwide.


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