[CFP] MonTI 10 (2018) Current Challenges and Emerging Trends in Medical Translation

MonTI 10 (2018)

Current Challenges and Emerging Trends in Medical Translation

Editors: Vicent Montalt i Resurrecció (Universitat Jaume I) & Karen Korning Zethsen (University of Aarhus)Deadline for Submitting Original Full-Text Proposals: 30th June, 2017.

Historically translation and medicine have gone hand in hand. In recent decades, medical translation has become an important niche for professional translators. National and international health authorities, pharmaceutical companies, medical publishers, medical devices manufacturers, hospitals, and biomedical research teams, are among the many organisations in need of translators and interpreters. Specialised training in medical translation is starting to respond to the growing needs of the marketplace with specific programmes covering the particulars of this type of translation. However, as far as research in medical translation is concerned, it is still at an incipient stage. Much of the research done in the past had a predominantly prescriptive orientation, and focused mainly on the terminological issues related to highly specialised texts. More recently medical translation has been redefined to encompass not only a great variety of specialities and medical concepts, but also of resources, texts, communicative situations, organisations, contexts, and participants. This open perspective on medical translation includes not only highly specialised texts about biomedical research, but also the education of health professionals, patients’ education, popularisation, and the media.
This call for papers is an invitation to reflect on the relevance and scope of both medical translation and translators working with medical texts. It is also an invitation to explore how the traditional topics of medical translation – such as terminological issues – have evolved and how new interests have emmerged in recent years, including expert-to-lay translation, the professional profiles of medical translators, the training of medical translators, or the improvement of clinical communication through translation and mediation.
We welcome both conceptual and empirical research that can contribute to improving both learning and professional practice.

Possible tracks

  • Translation of specific genres
  • Translation in different settings (e.g. hospital)
  • Translating between different genres
  • Expert-to-lay translation (intralingual translation or in combination with interlingual translation)
  • Terminology
  • Emotional aspects of medical translation
  • Cultural aspects of medical translation
  • Cognitive aspects of medical translation, such as comprehension challenges for the expert-to-expert translator
  • Didactic aspects of medical translation
  • Professional aspects of medical translation

Calendar and Deadlines for Submissions

Anyone interested in participating in this issue must submit the full text of their article (in one the journal’s official languages, English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, or German) to the MonTI Secretary’s office (monti.secretaria@ua.es) by 30th June, 2017. The title and a 150-word abstract in English and a second language from among the ones listed (Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian or German) must also be included in the submission. In September-October 2017 the journal will inform of the acceptance or otherwise of each proposal. The expected date of publication of this issue is spring 2018.Contact Details
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