There are six different campuses of SJTU, and the Media School will be held at the Minhang Campus: 800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, Postcode: 200240











The venue is located in the Shangyuan (上院) building, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which enjoys a beautiful campus along with an active, intellectual and intimate campus atmosphere.

The nearest gate is Siyuan Gate (思源门)  facing Dong Chuan Road (东川路). After entering the campus from Siyuan Gate, please turn right and go eastward along the South Nanyang Road. Yang Yongman Building is the red brick building on your left hand side.

Find the Minhang campus here on Baidu maps:

Alternatively, you can use the online university map. Visit the online map page ( and search the Shangyuan (上院) building by using the search box (use ‘上院’ as a search word).


Room 512 on the fifth floor of the building will be the main lecture room for the Media School, and can accommodate 45 people. It is equipped with individual desktops, allowing the participants to have easy access to various websites and media resources available on the internet during the school.

The group and individual tutorials will be held in rooms 511, 512, 413, 412, and 411.

Once you are in the Shangyuan Building, take the lift to the fifth floor, and turn right to find Room 512.