Membership Criteria and Obligations

Baker Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies

Membership Criteria and Obligations


Membership of the Centre is restricted to full-time faculty staff (including post-docs), who are attached to an academic institution and are on research oriented or teaching-&-research oriented contracts.



Members are expected to fulfill the following obligations:

■ be involved in all the activities of the Centre on a regular basis

■ assume responsibility for some part of the daily work of the Centre

■ be prepared to contribute to training events run by the Centre, including research schools, by delivering specialist training as required

■ list the Baker Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, Shanghai International Studies University as affiliation in their publications and conference presentations



All members of the Centre can attend training events and conferences organized by the Centre for free.

Members located at Shanghai International Studies University are eligible for financial support offered by the Centre to attend training events or conferences (once per year).

Members benefit from working with experienced scholars and being associated with a high profile international research centre.


Assessment Criteria

The Centre will review all applications and select a number of candidates each year, based on the strength of applications and the Centre’s own budgetary restrictions. All candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • Candidates should have already completed their PhD and must provide evidence of active engagement with research in the field of translation, interpreting and/or intercultural studies.
  • Candidates should have good communication and teaching skills.
  • Candidates should be collegial and be able to work as part of a mutually supportive team


How to apply

Applications should be submitted to Professor Geng Qiang, Associate Director of the Baker Centre (email: They must be accompanied by a CV that demonstrates active engagement in relevant research.

An interview and mock presentation will be held to assess the suitability of candidates.