Guidelines for proposal submission

Proposal Recommendations for Translation Studies in Translation

(Series editors: Brian James Baer and Yifan Zhu)


When completing the Routledge book proposal template, please include the following:

I. Description of the Source Text and Source Text Author

Please provide a description of the source text, including the table of contents, and of the source text author. Discuss their standing in the source culture, as illustrated by such indicators as reeditions of the source text and/or the citation index of the source text author.

II. Justification

Please discuss the specific contribution a scholarly translation of the proposed work will have to the field of Translation Studies, and/or to other related fields. You may find the following classifications useful in describing the work’s significance, with the understanding that a work can address more than one of the points below:

  1. Historical/Archival; this applied to works that laid the theoretical, methodological, conceptual foundations for the study of translation
  2. Theoretical; this applies to works that offer new theoretical approaches/insights and thus broaden our understanding of translation/interpreting
  3. Methodological; this applies to works that apply new methods (“new” here meaning methods not previously used in TS)
  4. Domain-specific; this applies to works that explore new subjects, questions, areas previously neglected in the Global North
  5. Rhetorically-specific; this applies to works written in other scholarly traditions, that is, texts that follow modes of argumentation and rhetoric different from the dominant Anglophone model

III. Translation Approach

Please discuss the approach you plan to take, explaining how you will highlight the specific historical, theoretical or rhetorical context of the source text as well as its relevance to contemporary scholars. This may include, in addition to a scholarly introduction by the editor and translator, notes, a glossary of terms, etc. Also, describe and justify any abridgments you plan to make to the source text. Provide an estimated word count of the translation, including introductory material and notes. Provide a sample translation of 15-20 pages that illustrates the approach taken.

IV. Translator’s and Editor’s Qualifications

Please discuss the qualifications of the editor and translator to undertake this specific translation project.

V. Copyright

Please provide documentation indicating the status of copyright for the source text.

VI. Timeline

Please provide a timeline for the project, indicating the date of final submission of the manuscript.