[New Publication] New Perspectives on Gender and Translation: New Voices for Transnational Dialogues

Edited By Eleonora Federici, José Santaemilia
Copyright Year 2022

Book Description

This collection expands the body of research on the intersection of gender and translation to highlight perspectives across different countries in Europe, showcasing developments in the field from its origins in the emergence of feminist translation in Quebec over the last thirty years.

Building off seminal work on feminist translation by scholars in Canada in the 1980s and 1990s, the book explores the evolution of the discipline in shifting translation practices and research across a range of European countries, with a focus on underrepresented areas such as Malta, Serbia, and Poland. The different chapters examine key developments such as the critical reframing of gender and identity, the viewing of historical translation activity by women through the lens of ideological and political motivations, and the analysis of socio-political contexts where feminist or gender-inspired translation has impacted translators’ practices. The volume looks concurrently at the European context and beyond it, putting the spotlight on new voices in translation and gender research in the region but also encouraging transnational dialogues on key issues in the discipline, pushing the field further into new directions.

This book will be of particular interest to scholars in translation studies, gender studies, and European literature.