[New Publication] Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 16:2 (2021)

Translation and LGBT+/queer activism

Edited by Michela Baldo | University of Birmingham, Jonathan Evans | University of Glasgow, Guo TingUniversity of Exeter

Special issue of Translation and Interpreting Studies 16:2
,  Expected July 2021.  v, 141 pp

Translation and LGBT+/queer activism
Michela BaldoJonathan Evans and Ting Guo | pp. 185–196

The body center stageChouinard’s Jérôme Bosch: Le Jardin des délices as a queering translation
Vanessa Montesi | pp. 197–219

“A cool kid”:
Queer theory travels to China
Hongwei Bao | pp. 220–240

Accessing Bodies that Matter
On queer activist practices of translation
Karolina KrasuskaLudmiła Janion and Marta Usiekniewicz | pp. 241–263

Negotiating inclusion of gender and sexual diversity through a process of feminist translation in Quebec
Nesrine Bessaïh | pp. 264–291

Translate to resist
An analysis on the role of activist translation/ translators in the LGBTI+ movement in Turkey
Jasmin Esin Duraner | pp. 292–316

LGBTQ+ in translationEmerging research from the late 2010s
Remy Attig | pp. 317–325

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